Patrick Voss Stories

An Arctic Tale – A Story About An Adventurous Arctic Wolf

Arctic WolfOne morning, a young arctic wolf, only two years old, went out on an adventure. She went out of her cave and walked straight into the unknown. In the arctic forest she encountered a bear. When she was about to run and hide, a mysterious, grey wolf came out of the mist!

The grey wolf shoved a huge tree and scared the bear, and the bear went running off. Arctic, the young arctic wolf, was amazed. She hadn’t noticed how tall she was, also, she was strong!

The next day Arctic went out again out of a boulder cave and kept going into the unknown. The next day she found the mysterious grey wolf fast asleep. So she sat down next to it.

Tomorrow, Arctic thought, I will give that wolf lots of questions! Well, that didn’t happen the next day, it happened that day. The wolf woke up and Arctic was scared. She asked the wolf one-hundred questions.

Written by Patrick J. G. Voss – 9 years old.