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Ronald Grump: The Justified Deportation Of Three Million Mexicans

Let’s just say how it is: There are at least three million Mexicans in this country. They are criminals. They rape. And they take away our jobs. Our President-Elect is right. They must go. But how do we get rid of them? Well, that’s more or less only a logistics issue.

Ronald J. Grump
Ronald J. Grump

But first, let me explain why we should deport three million Mexicans. First of all, let’s talk jobs. Three million more jobs for our American workers! Think of all the unemployed coal mine workers. In Wisconsin. In Michigan. They will all get their jobs back! And that’s why they voted for Trump. To get their jobs back.

Also, think crime rate. You remove three million perpetrators. And the crime rate goes toward zero. It’s just simple math.

Now, there is a problem, though. The Mexican government might refuse to take their people back. Because it’s not good for their economy. And they need their contacts here. To distribute all the drugs and stuff.

So, here is my suggestion. Let’s put them all in one location. You know, temporary storage before they leave. And let’s not call it deportation camp. That might anger some Japanese folks. Like this George Tolkien guy (or whatever his name is, you know the guy from Star Trek). Anyways, we need to concentrate on removing the Mexicans. And that’s why we should call it concentration camp. Concentration camps. Yes, that works.